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Everything That You Need To Know About Hybrid Battery Replacement

Hybrid cars uses hybrid batteries. There are two types of hybrid batteries and that would be the Nickel metal hydride and Lithium Ion batteries. Lithium Ion batteries have more energy than Nickel metal hydride which means it is also lighter. When it is lighter the car will be more efficient and even have an improvement in its range. The Nickel metal hydride battery has a lower density in energy but it is much safer than the Lithium Ion battery. This battery uses a water based electrolyte.

When the weather is cold and windy, and you go out in the morning you could not wait to get your car started and switch on the heater. However, there are times when you could not get your car started then you will see a red triangle icon on the dashboard light up and you will know that your battery is already dead.


When this happens, you need to purchase and replace your old hybrid battery with a new hybrid battery. There are dealerships that offers hybrid battery replacement on the yellow pages on the phone book. However, the cost is quite shocking and the price range of a hybrid battery replacement cost about four thousand dollars. The warranty of a hybrid battery last up to eight years. Replace to electric car batteries now!


There are also different options, but its either they cost the same or more. First option, would be choosing a rebuilt battery, next would be to purchase a new battery and last just buy a new car. When you buy a rebuilt battery in a factory it will cost about three thousand dollars. I am not that fond with the results of these three options, so i opted for a fourth option. You can also search for prius hybrid battery

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The fourth option was to check online for hybrid battery replacement. I found a website where it shows you how to rebuild a hybrid battery. There are testimonials where they just bought the manual and it showed them how to rebuild their hybrid battery in just one week. I actually tried it myself and i would say i only spent five hundred dollars and it worked. I saved more than three hundred dollars. I really advice that you do this, however it will take up a lot of your time. So if you have available free time and you happen to experience this then you could do the same thing that i did.